1. Hazelnut Caramel Ice Cream. This might be the best ice cream I’ve ever made. Rich, vanilla and hazelnut flavoured ice cream with chunks of hazelnut caramel swirled throughout it. It’s dangerously addictive, I already can’t trust myself in a room alone with it. Recipe coming soon.

2. Red Lipstick on Rainy Days. Does anything brighten my mood on a wet, miserable day like rugging up in thick, snug knitwear and a bright swathe of cheery, cherry red lipstick? It makes me feel chic, put together and just a little bit fancy.

3. Peach Blush Roses. I picked this bunch of roses up a week ago and their sunny bloom has been keeping me company in the kitchen, making me smile whenever I go to the sink. I can never stop myself from leaning over and inhaling their perfume while I’m washing the dishes.

4. A Balanced Meal. Nothing says a healthy, well balanced meal like a long black, a plate of fries and aioli. Not something I’d eat every day… but admittedly something I indulge in almost every time I meet my mother for lunch at Brigittes. While the rest of their menu looks delicious, I always find myself going ‘hmm, not really in the mood for this. Coffee and chips it is.’ It’s almost ritualistic now.

5. Ballerina Buns. Whoever says that this is a easy hairstyle that you can just throw your hair into… no. Just, no. 13 bobby pins and copious amounts of hairspray and I was still unconvinced. But that might be my inherant fear of wearing my hair any way but down talking.