1. Lemon Drizzle Cake. One of my favourite treats from the Riccarton Farmers Market. There’s nothing like a leisurely morning spent debating whether I want golden or purple beetroot this week and then coming home to a slice of this delicious, barely sweet cake for afternoon tea.

2. Dogs. Meet Bordeaux, the fluffiest, largest dog in the world. I spent Sunday at a going-away party for a friend and Bordeaux was the secret guest of honour. I spent the majority of the evening just staring at him slack jawed and wondering how a dog who came up to my waist could possibly be so gentle and friendly.

3. Tea by the fire.My mother’s solution to all of life’s problems is to sit down and “have a nice cup of tea.” That phrase has become synonymous to me with relaxing and taking a moment to reflect on my often hectic day, and there’s something so luxurious about curling up by a warm fire on a cold night and sipping hot, strong tea.

4. Dinner dates with my sister. My older sister and I took a night to catch up together and head out to celebrate my acceptance to Grad School with pizza. We don’t often get to spend quality time together so it’s lovely when we get alone time, especially while eating this (rather inauthentic) antipasto pizza covered in artichokes, cubes of eggplant, sour capers, salty olives and delicious mozzarella.

5. Weeknight movies. I love going to the movies on a Monday night when most people are at home and I get the theatre to myself. I have a massively oversized poncho that I always wear to the movies and use as a blanket, and curling up on the plush seats and letting my mind drift is one of my favourite secret pleasures.