1. Dark Purple Lipstick. Mac is still my favourite makeup, no matter how many of their products I buy, I’m always happy with them. My favourite time to wear this dark puple, almost black lipstick is in the middle of a bright, sunny day with a button up chambrey shirt and high waisted skirt. I always love contrast, and goth lipstick + preppy outfit just makes me happy. It’s also really long lasting which I love, and is almost completely matt. If you’re interested it can be found here, the colour is ‘faithfully yours.’

2. j’aime les macarons. The best (and okay only to my knowledge) macaron shop in all of christchurch, j’aime les macarons are unfailingly delicious, moreish and come in such adorable packaging it’s almost worth it to buy a 12 pack just for the box. My favourite is always salted buttercream (top), but their seasonal treats such as the milk chocolate and mandarin (below) are always worth a try as well. My favourite indulgence on a Saturday afternoon.

3. Smoking Slippers. These shoes… I am obsessed with these shoes. More fun than your standard ballet flats, smoking slippers are apparently the new big thing. And as always, I am obsessed with anything even vaguely leopard print. Mostly I wear fairly plain shoes, preferring to make my fashion statements in the rest of my outfit, but these somehow go with nearly everything I own. I’ve already had them resoled twice, and I’m pretty sure I will just keep wearing them until they fall completely apart.

4. Cherry Blossom Tea. I don’t know who Mr Harney or his sons are, but they make a damn fine cup of tea. Even if we ignore that Harney & Sons tea comes in gorgeous, classic tins that are worth display on any kitchen table – the tea itself is delicious. I love cherry blossom, a green tea with a faint cherry flavour and strong cherry scent; but every single one of the unusual and uncommon flavours of tea looks amazing. I’ll next be trying ‘Paris’, or maybe ‘Rose Scented’. Added bonus, for anyone new to tea, Harney & Sons tea all comes with a flavour profile, brewing instructions and the proper water temperature on the side of the tin.

5. Sunflowers. I inherited my love for flowers from my mother who most prefers white lillies, but I am a girl who loves colour. Sunflowers are some of my favourites, whenever I see them they just seem to glow at me, sunnily begging me to take them home and put them in a pretty vase and love them. So… I do. I am powerless against sunflowers, there is no other excuse.