1. Apple Tarte Tatain. I don’t know how I went 23 years without realising how amazing apple tarte tatain was. Perhaps because working with sugar has always seemed daunting, or the fear that it wouldn’t turn out? But with the help of my shiny new tarte tatain pan it turns out that it was actually one of the easiest desserts I’ve ever made and oh sweet jesus it was delicious. Caramalised sugars, sweet short crust pastry and soft, burnished apples? More please.

2. Cambridge Satchel Company. I’ve recently been lucky enough to visit Melbourne, my first visit back since I moved away at the end of last year, and while I was there I picked up this gorgeous bag. I’ve coveted this neon pink satchel bag for at least two years and finally have made it my own. For someone who’s a little afraid of wearing colour this is an easy way to take a big step out of black. Also just wearing it makes me happy – so that must make it worth the… admittedly slightly steep (possibly not to most people but I’m cheap) pricetag.

3.Tiny Protesters. You have not seen cute until you have heard a two year old in a princess dress say ‘suv-bert the pat-rickardy’ (translation: subvert the patriarchy) as she marches with her momma in the Christchurch chapter of the Slutwalk.

4. Chloe Moretz and Hick. Possibly the only good thing about being sick – at this point I’m still on the urgent waiting list for surgery, but am getting increasingly sick; thus my lack of motivation to post and/or cook lately) – is getting to watch all the movies I want without feeling guilty. Hick is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, I’ve heard complaints of a slow moving plot or a plot that just doesn’t make sense; but personally I love it and have watched it three times in as many days.

5. Orange Lipstick. I’ve always loved a bold lip when doing my makeup and this Stila Long Wear Lip Colour  is a fantastic combination of long-lasting and not-too-harsh on my lips… and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s neon orange. The Stila long wear colour range is hands down my favourite brand of lipstick, as long as you plan to be wearing lips that colour for at least four or five hours. The colour works well with pale, winter skin and is fantastic if you don’t want to do anything elaborate with your make up. A swathe of lip colour, a little mascara and a top-knot and you’re good to go.