This ice cream might as well be called “So – I See You’re Stoned.” On a grey and rainy Sunday I was browsing the aisles in my latest host city, Auckland, when my eyes suddenly fell upon the freezer. Shining at me from the depths was a bright and whimsical little tub (these containers are made by the team at Lemonade design and I have a serious graphics boners for the packaging), practically begging me ‘Hey Sarah, come on girl, take me home. I’ll treat you right.’ And once I started looking at the ingredient’s it was sitting in my trolley before I really knew what was happening. Seriously, the team at Holy Moly ice cream have got their head in the game when it comes to making ice cream for stoners or people who have been to Ms G’s and enjoyed their signature dessert, ‘Stoner’s Delight.’

Let’s say you take some vanilla ice cream. Yeah vanilla ice cream is delicious, but really… it’s not that exciting. So maybe you think, I’ll add a rich, creamy swirl of caramel throughout that bad boy. And you know what? Maybe some roasted peanuts. And hey while I’m at it, I’ll just shove some delicious cinnamon donuts in the mix as well. Is your mouth watering yet? Because honestly, it really should be.

In a country where Ben and Jerry’s is impossible to find, this is the best we can do. But I don’t want to damn it with faint praise because this ice cream is seriously good. It’s smooth and creamy, the flavours are well balanced so that one flavour never dominates and despite the fact that there is a lot going on here in terms of richness and sweetness, it still manages to seem quite light. Let it be a measure of its deliciousness that one my first scoop I didn’t even manage to get a picture. I just had a tiny spoonful to test things out and then a red haze descended and suddenly the bowl was empty.

Subsequent bowls suffered the same fate as that first one, and now I’ve been forced to use a stock photo because, shamefully, I have eaten it all. I’m sorry guys but my god it’s good. I should note that while I’d deem this a ‘luxury’ ice cream, it’s not along the same lines as Kohu Road ice cream and sorbets more classic flavours (although they do enjoy a similar price point per serving – which in my mind is needlessly expensive). Holy Moly’s range of ice creams are a lot more whimsical, including a lemon curd and pavlova , one based on toffee pops, and one flavour that the creators apparently just decided ‘fuck you guys, you want chocolate? You’re getting brownie bits, biscuit chunks, chocolate drops, chocolate ice cream and a fudge swirl.’ Though it is expensive, I’d definitely encourage you to give Holy Moly a try, because they are worth every delicious bite.