1. Lemongrass Chicken Pho. At a tiny little Vietnamese restaurant near the Art Gallery in Auckland I had the best pho of my life. Absurdly juicy pieces of chicken, fresh vege and… okay I admit it, I’m a heathen, I added tonkatsu sauce. I just really love tonkatsu sauce. If you can find this place, there’s really no wrong choice here in terms of what to order, but make sure you get some dessert. My favourite is thetaro and sticky rice with coconut cream – it is all the delicious carbs you could ever want in one little bowl.

2. Watermelon Nails. I’m getting really into nail art lately, and there’s no better way in my mind to celebrate the oncoming summer heat than by making my fingers look like delicious pieces of fruit. I’m pretty tempted to try orange wedges next time, what do you guys think?

3. Shio Butter Ramen from Daikoku. I’m almost reluctant to tell you about this tiny restaurant because there are literally about three tables in the entire place, and you aren’t allowed to reserve them. So it’s basically the luck of the draw about whether you will get to eat there or not. Hidden next to Britomart in Auckland Central, if you are anywhere near it I must insist you go and grab some of their ramen. At roughly $10 for a giant bowl that you’ll be able to take home, it’s one of the best bargains in town – and definitely one of the tastiest. For bonus points, grab some gyoza and meltingly tender pork belly while you’re at it.

4. Glitter Boots from Dotti. I’ve been trying to convince myself I don’t need these boots, but it’s not really working. I just… they have glitter on them guys! How can I possibly resist such a thing? I admit it, I’m a total magpie. If it has glitter on it, I want it – and these boots are no exception. I keep trying to talk myself out of them by asking myself ‘but where would you wear them?’ and then a tiny voice in my head goes ‘EVERYWHERE, you would wear them EVERYWHERE.’

5. Visiting home for the holidays. Yes… I hate flying Jetstar, we all hate flying Jetstar. But then I go to book flights and they are about $200 cheaper than the next cheapest ones and then suddenly you find yourself on the flight, and it’s Jetstar, yet again, even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t. But the latest Elle magazine, tempura prawn sushi and the promise of two weeks with the family in Christchurch was promise enough to make it worth the hassle of flying.